How I Fell In Love w/GOLF

How I Fell In Love w/GOLF

If you would have told at age 10 that I would be a professional golfer today, I probably would have thought you were crazy.  No one in my immediate family played golf. I was a competitive swimmer on the olympic swimming program at The Bolles School and liked to play action sports. I just thought golf was a boring sport that confused me.

Wow, I was so wrong! I learned golf at the San Jose CC junior golf camp and immediately fell in love with it. The core values of integrity and sportsmanship really set golf apart from other sports in my mind. I spent my allowance that I earned through making good grades to buy my first set of clubs at age 12. I spent every day after school practicing until dark, often with the junior boys because I was the only girl golfer at my club. It was also a good opportunity to get some quality mother/daughter time on the course away from the rest of my siblings. I really valued that time and my mom has been by my side supporting me throughout my whole career.

My parents drove me all around the country to play in tournaments. I was obsessed with golf and made them sign me up for every junior girls event we knew about. I had to play as much as possible and one summer we had a family vacation in California and my mom surprised me with a round at Pebble Beach (picture above). That was an incredible experience!

It took a lot of time, practice, and sacrifice but I never doubted that I would be a professional golfer and I am so blessed to be living my dream today!